Automated graphics solutions are central to modern TV production. Mediability are behind the solution for Norway’s largest private TV channel. Together with their partners at Israeli graphics provider Promotheus and Norwegian equipment producer Vizrt, Mediability will be responsible for all automatic branding for TV 2’s entire output from 2017. The branding of a TV channel […]

Mediability has delivered an important part of Norwegian TV 2’s efficiency drive Greenfield Playout Program (GPO) with the opening in Bergen of Europe’s first IP-based playout centre. The Playout centre is the control room from where all of TV 2’s programming is played out. So far this has been done through so-called SDI signals (Serial […]

Picture: NPRA webcam Mediability is developing a new system for the more than 400 cameras operated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA). Soon all road users can see more of the Norwegian road network when planning their journey. The NPRA runs some 400 web cameras covering thousands of miles of roads across the whole […]

Mediability has helped SBS Discovery get rid of content on all physical units, allowing the broadcaster to receive all their content digitally — around the clock. The project, called Tapeless, aimed to get rid of all physical devilry and storage of content by the end of 2013. The starting point was to establish routines and […]

Mediability has in record time set up an online TV platform for SBS Discovery with both live streaming and video on demand. The solution has been developed in close collaboration with the client and Accenture. SBS Discovery suddenly found themselves without an online TV platform when partner Comoyo was disbanded in the autumn of 2013. […]